PT hose pumps
PT - Your reliable hose pump...
Tapflo PT is a hose pump of the latest design. We have combined the best materials with smart design solutions in order to maximise running time and minimise service.

The principle of operation of the pumping action in Tapflo hose pumps is achieved by pinching a circular loop of rubber tube with two diametrically opposed rotating wedges. Due to the rotational movement, the fluid in the tubes is pushed ahead of each wedge. When each wedge reaches the end of the loop, the hose is released and the wedge rotates n to the start of the loop to begin a new cycle. As the wedge releases the reinforced tube, it immediately returns to its original shape, there by ensuring positive suction and priming. This construction makes it a smart and effective choice for a wide range of pump applications.
Features and benefits...
  • Particularly suited to abrasive, corrosive, shear sensitive or viscous fluids
  • Self priming up to 9 meters manometric lift
  • Hoses reinforced with four layers of polyamide doubles the life time of the hose
  • The drive of the pump is independent of the pumping system which eliminates risk of liquid in the drive
  • Maintenance is done with the pump in the system resulting in a minimum of service time and therefore a more economical pump solution
  • Precise volumetric flow
  • Continuous run dry capability without damage
  • Reversive pumping action
  • High discharge pressure: 0 - 15 bar
  • Easy maintenance (the hose is the only wearing part)
Typical applications
The pump housing is partially filled with lubricant, thereby allowing smooth running of the wedges on the tube. The pump fluid is only in contact with the inside of the tube and can therefore be of an aggressive nature and/or contaminated with particles. PT pumps are commonly used for:
Industrial waste water, waste sludge treatment, flocculent dispersions, flocculated waste, lime liquor, sludge and slurries, ceramic slips and paste, clay suspension and compounds, cement slurries, concrete pumping, ore slurries and leaching pulp, metallic salts, crystallized suspensions, black liquor foam, filter press applications, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.
PT hose pump brochure (PDF)